Our offer shall be subject to change, based on the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of German Haulage Contractors (ADSp.) and apply to normal merchant goods packed and labelled in manners customary in the trade and suitable for transport. It shall be subject to unchanged terms of transportation, wages, tariffs and foreign currency conditions. One cubic metre shall correspond to a dimensional weight of 166.67 kg in case of airfreight shipments, 1,000 kg in case of maritime freight shipments and 200 kg (1 loading metre corresponding to 1,200 kg) in case of transportation by lorry. In any event, the higher weight will be invoiced, i.e. the freight calculation weight will be either the actual gross weight or the dimensional weight of the shipment. All previous offers shall hereby become inapplicable. The payer of the freight shall always be the German sender/recipient. To shipments subject to special customs treatment such as AV/PV certificate clearance, OZL goods traffic etc., and to goods requiring special treatment (BIG, VAL, DGR, CAO, AVI, PER, ICE etc.), fees different from the ones mentioned above shall apply. All prices and rates shall be in euro, exclusive of possible insurance premiums, surcharges (BAF, Fuel Surcharge, War-Risk Surcharge unless explicitly contained in the offer) and VAT. All indicated times of arrival shall be ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), i.e. presumable times of arrival. The place of jurisdiction shall be Munich. We reserve the right to refuse a shipment without giving a reason. The order acceptance and booking of your shipment only takes place after our confirmation, which you will receive by email.
We operate exclusively on the basis of the respective latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of German Haulage Contractors (ADSp.). In paragraph 23 ADSp, these Terms and Conditions limit the statutory liability for damage to goods under § 431 HGB (German Commercial Code) to 5 EUR/kg for damage to goods in the custody of haulage contractors, as well as to 2 SZR/kg in the event of multi-modal transportation including maritime transportation and, in addition to this, to EUR 1 million or EUR 2 million or 2 SZR/kg, depending on which of the amounts is the higher one, for each case or event of damage/loss.

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