Cargo-Place – the express gateway to your airfreight rates
Example Hong Kong: Every day, about 10 planes fly to HKG.
All planes operate at different capacities.
Sometimes 10 tons remain unused, sometimes 25 tons and sometimes everything is full to the brim.
We buy 50% of the empty space 72 hours prior to departure.
The other 50% will be marketed by the airline itself.
Since the airline has barely any possibility then to sell this residual space itself, we buy up the space and offer it online.
The advantages for you:
Extremely favourable rates, immediately bookable online
Rates decrease the closer the time of departure comes

The advantages for the airline:
Marketing of unsaleable space
Identity protection, so that “normal” rates can continue to be offered.

Before making a reservation, please check online:
1. How much space is still available
2. An all-in rate including all accessory charges
3. A time window, by when all documents need to be transmitted
4. A time window, by when the shipment must arrive on our premises in Munich
5. A time window, by when the shipment must presumably be ready for takeover at the receiving airport

Once you have decided to make a reservation, we shall require the following from you:
1. Your shipping order containing the exact shipping data including the dimensions and weights of all packages
2. Your invoice information
3. Your payment prior to delivery via credit card, bank transfer etc.
4. The remaining documents may be submitted until 48 hours prior to the time of delivery

Following the reservation, you shall receive the following from us:
1. A booking – confirmation. Only with this confirmation is the contract concluded.
2. Your shipment number, on the basis of which the recipient will be able to accept the delivery.
3. A time window, during which the shipment will be ready for takeover
4. Your invoice as a PDF file
5. You shall receive the shipping status online
6. You will have access to an online directory
7. You will have access to an online shipping history

Following your reservation until, at the latest, 48 hours prior to the time of delivery in Munich, please transmit the following to us online in PDF format:
1. The shipping number, which you received at the time of reservation
2. Your shipping order containing the shipping data of your reservation
3. The commercial invoice and the packing list in English language
4. The MRN number for the export customs declaration
5. Original documents such as certificates of origin etc. cannot be conveyed. Please send such documents to your customer via express delivery.
6. Information as to who will take charge on your behalf of the delivery in Munich (the delivery must be “secure”, i.e. SPX secured).

We assure you of the following quality:
1. Your shipment will be reloaded no more than twice from Munich onwards
2. 80% of all flights will be direct flights or provide for only 1 reloading process
3. Only reliable airlines will be used
4. We will inform you proactively if delays occur
5. You will be granted the most favourable freight price
6. All flights will be confirmed by the airline
7. You will have access to an online shipment tracking system

What needs to be taken into account?
1. Your goods will not be insured by us. Please provide insurance yourself.
2. Your delivery must be delivered “securely” (SPX secured)
3. Your shipment must have a freight calculation weight of at least 500 kg
4. The shipment must be paid immediately
5. Only “general cargo” shipments will be accepted
6. No hazardous materials, dead bodies, animals, pharmaceuticals, goods designated for repair, relocation items, goods requiring an export permit etc.
7. No shipments of more than 160 cm in height
8. Re-booking shall not be possible. You shall deliver exactly what has been reserved.
9. Belated deliveries will not be accepted
10. All packages must be stackable.
11. Delivery terms: Delivered at airport of destination (Incoterms 2010: DAP Airport)

12. The order is only made with our confirmation e-mail. Only then has the order been placed and accepted by us. We reserve the right to decline requests for no reason.

Explanation of terms:
Bid-Closing = End of the offer, i.e. the point in time until which bookings can be placed.
LAT = By that point in time, the delivery must be delivered “securely” to our premises.
ETA = Presumable time of arrival at the receiving airport.